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Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance Framework

Gresham Partners is committed to the highest standards of ethical behaviour in its business practices.  Gresham recognises the importance of environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations to its clients and stakeholders and is committed to ensuring responsible ESG practices form part of Gresham’s core business activities.

From an operational perspective, Gresham Partners is committed to conducting its activities in a manner that is environmentally and socially responsible.  We aim to conduct our business to the highest legal and ethical standards that would be expected of a leading financial advisory firm in Australia.  Gresham has a robust governance structure in place and comprehensive compliance policies for the Gresham group, which set expectations for the conduct of our staff and ensure Gresham is meeting its legal and compliance obligations as a financial services provider, including in respect of anti-money laundering, bribery and corruption, whistleblowing, professional conduct and diversity and inclusion.  These policies and compliance manuals are regularly reviewed and updated by the Board to ensure they remain current and comprehensive.  Gresham Partners is also mindful of its environmental footprint in the conduct of its business.

Gresham Partners established a Culture & Ethics Committee in 2017 to assist the Board in promoting appropriate values and ethics and encouraging and implementing effective communication with staff on matters of culture and ethics.  Gresham Partners operates under a set of business principles which focus on integrity, respect and excellence and a commitment to our clients and our people.  Further, we seek to positively contribute to our community through the Gresham Charitable Giving Committee.  Refer to Community Involvement for more information.

In our Funds Management business we operate under a Responsible Investment Policy that incorporates applicable ESG considerations into the investment process.  It is our belief that ESG issues and opportunities can affect valuation and financial performance, and the consideration of these factors can deliver better informed investment decisions and investment opportunities for our clients. 

In our Corporate Advisory business we seek to carefully evaluate and understand each client’s business, sector and reputation as a company.  We work with our clients to create sustainable businesses that will enhance long-term value for shareholders, which often includes assisting clients in the assessment and management of potential ESG considerations and risks.



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