About Us

Gresham is the leading independent Australian-owned advisory and funds management business. We have offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

Gresham is focused on achieving superior financial outcomes for our clients across Corporate Advisory, Funds Management, Property and Debt Solutions.

About Us


In 1985, two years after Australia deregulated its financial system, there was an absence of enterprises focused upon the provision of corporate advice and investment finance within the Australian market. Most financial participants were addressing the newly unlocked potential of global trading and related banking opportunities. This provided the ideal environment for the establishment of an independent investment and advisory house, which would become the forerunner of the Australian independent investment banking sector.

Independent from the diversion of effort and the potential conflicts of interest inherent in the large banks and integrated investment banks, Gresham seized the market gap and assisted major corporations, government bodies and investors expand, re-structure and develop their own business models. This unique opportunity was assisted by the purchase of an existing Australian corporate finance business from one of the well-credentialed UK owned investment banks, at the time of Gresham’s establishment.

The launch of Gresham in November 1985 was made possible through the creation of an enduring partnership between the Principals of Gresham and the diversified Australian conglomerate, Wesfarmers Limited. This relationship to-day, more than 30 years later, continues to provide the stability of Gresham’s ownership in which its key senior executive partners participate, operate and grow the Gresham business and its portfolio of activities.

The development of Gresham since 1985 has reflected the growth and success of the whole Australian economy. The establishment of Australia’s superannuation powerhouse, the impact of all pervasive technologies, the enormous value uplift of commodities and the globalisation of world markets has delivered extraordinary opportunity for business and investors alike. It is in the midst of these significant value shifts that Gresham has been increasingly able to develop its portfolio of corporate and investor engagement and long term trusted relationships.

Corporate Advisory

Australia’s leading independent M&A and corporate advisory business.

Funds Management

Manager of specialist funds via debt, mezzanine and preferred equity investment and as agent for our international affiliate partners.


Providing a full suite of advisory, financing and structuring solutions to the property and development industry.

Capital Solutions

Gresham offers a range of independent debt solutions including debt advisory, financial restructuring and structured capital.


Are you looking for a challenge?

Gresham is always looking for highly motivated and enthusiastic candidates who have the drive to solve problems and achieve results on behalf of our clients.