Funds Management

Gresham has a long history of fund management across varying investment classes.  Gresham’s funds have adapted to address investor need and market opportunity.  Gresham’s current funds are focused on efficient capital provision to the property and real estate sector. 

Capital Partnerships

Capital Partnerships

Gresham Capital Partnerships works with leading global fund managers to provide advice, structuring and representation on working with core Australian asset managers and institutional investors.  In some situations, Gresham also manages the feeder fund for these investments on an ongoing basis.

ASFA estimates that the Australian Superannuation market is approximately $2,000 billion as of 2016 and is the world’s 5th largest savings pool.

Corporate Advisory

Australia’s leading independent M&A and corporate advisory business.

Funds Management

Manager of specialist funds via debt, mezzanine and preferred equity investment and as agent for our international affiliate partners.


Providing a full suite of advisory, financing and structuring solutions to the property and development industry.

Capital Solutions

Gresham offers a range of independent debt solutions including debt advisory, financial restructuring and structured capital.


Are you looking for a challenge?

Gresham is always looking for highly motivated and enthusiastic candidates who have the drive to solve problems and achieve results on behalf of our clients.