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Gresham Distribution Partners is a funds placement and capital raising business based in Sydney, that brings together highly experienced individuals who are leaders in the Australian capital raising market.

Gresham Distribution Partners provides capital raising representation and related services to both Australian and international funds management businesses leveraging its deep links across each sector of the Australian and New Zealand investor and asset consultant communities.

Consistent with the broader Gresham approach, Gresham Distribution Partners looks to achieve superior financial outcomes for the funds management clients we represent. This is achieved by providing value adding services to talented investment professionals who are focused on investment thematics that create superior risk-adjusted returns for investors.


1. Distribution services for leading fund managers

Gresham Distribution Partners provides institutional-grade distribution and related capital raising services designed to deliver material growth in our clients’ assets under management. A high-level summary of these services is listed below, each of which provide a necessary foundation to support a leading capital raising campaign:

  • Initial fund thesis and investment strategy ‘deep dive’ and competitive market positioning
  • Fee level market analysis and structuring
  • Capital raising roadshows across targeted investor audiences
  • Strategic engagement with asset consultants for ratings outcomes
  • Ongoing post-investment key client and asset consultant relationship management services
  • Compilation and hosting of thought leading educational investment seminars
  • Build-out of manager brand and strategy profile via physical market interactions and on-line marketing initiatives
  • Funds management investment policy review and/or creation
  • Strategic re-positioning of fund offerings and investment strategies
  • Feeder fund vehicle creation where appropriate for investor aggregation

Gresham Distribution Partners’ range of capital raising services offers expertise across all investment vehicle types favoured by sophisticated investors, including funds, co-investment scenarios, separate account mandates, direct and syndicated investment opportunities.


2. Incubation infrastructure & services for new funds management boutiques

Gresham Distribution Partners is also well positioned to facilitate the incubation of new funds management boutiques via the existing infrastructure and resources of the broader Gresham Funds Management business. In addition to the services outlined above, this platform can offer new fund management boutiques the following support in order to critically free up time to focus on investment related activities, with new funds established and operated as part of the Gresham Funds Management business:

  • Provider of working capital to support the incubation of new funds management businesses
  • Provider of initial investment capital to provide alignment and support the track record of the new fund vehicle
  • full institutional grade capital raising services
  • In-house legal counsel
  • In-house finance and accounting
  • AFSL compliance
  • Office accommodation
  • IT support

Gresham Distribution Partners operates under the existing Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) of Gresham Partners Capital Limited [AFSL No: 247110], which has been licensed for over 30 years.  This can offer further strategic benefit to those international funds management businesses looking to enter the Australian wholesale investment market.


Background and Approach

The senior personnel within Gresham and Gresham Distribution Partners have significant capital raising experience across most asset classes, having led successful capital raisings in excess of over A$7.7billion and directly raised in excess of A$3.0 billion over the past 7 years across fixed income, private debt, infrastructure, renewables, private equity, real estate, agriculture, market neutral and long/short equities strategies.

Whilst capital raising is at the heart of what we do, our institutional grade service offering is broad based and reflects our detailed understanding of sophisticated investors’ requirements in making fund and investment commitments in today’s environment. Gresham Distribution Partners offers a broad range of traditional distribution and related services along with new boutique funds management incubation capabilities. See full list of services offered.

Gresham Distribution Partners looks to establish strategic, long-term relationships with the funds management businesses we represent and partner with. Consistent with this approach, our remuneration structure is focused on the life of an investor’s commitment, thereby providing further alignment with the success of our fund manager clients, in turn enhancing the depth of the relationships we build with fund managers and investors alike.


Local Market Dynamics

As of December 2019, the pool of Australian Superannuation assets stands at approximately A$3.0 trillion (Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia) making it the 4th largest pool of pension assets globally.  This pool of assets is forecast to surpass A$10 trillion over the next 20 years.  Gresham Distribution Partners understands the relevance of this pool of assets across the global investment management landscape and is well positioned to assist fund managers navigate this highly relevant and sophisticated market to achieve their capital raising objectives.

Gresham Distribution Partners believes Australian and New Zealand based professional and sophisticated investors have a growing demand for uncorrelated sources of investment return. Investors are increasingly looking for innovative and alternative investment opportunities with which to complement existing traditional risk assets and portfolios.


The Gresham Distribution Partners team comprise senior operatives experienced across a broad range of capital raising representation and related services and has the benefit of access to the Senior Advisors and senior personnel within the Gresham Group. See full list of Senior Advisors.

b William Stephens

William Stephens

Managing Director – Head of Gresham Distribution Partners, Sydney

Will joined Gresham in 2020 and is responsible for leading the strategic direction and management of the new Gresham Distribution Partners business. He will be primarily focused on the origination of new funds management capital raising mandates (both international and domestic), new boutique funds management business incubation opportunities and...

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b Charles Graham

Charles Graham

Managing Director, Gresham Partners Limited

Charles joined Gresham in 2010 and is Managing Director of Gresham Partners where he has overall responsibility for the leadership and running of the broader Gresham business and is also a Managing Director of Gresham’s Corporate Advisory business. Charles is also a member of the Gresham Capital Partners Investment Committee.

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b Neville Spry

Neville Spry

Managing Director & Co-Head of Advisory

Neville joined Gresham in 1989 and is Managing Director and Co-Head of Gresham’s Corporate Advisory Business. Neville is also a member of the Gresham Resources Royalties Fund Investment Committee.

Neville has over 30 years’ experience in corporate advisory activities and has provided advice to leading Australian and international companies in most industry sectors spanning hostile and recommended takeover offers and...

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b Laura Ribeiro

Laura Ribeiro

Chief Financial Officer

Laura is responsible for the finance and administration functions for Gresham Partners Group and its specialist funds.  Prior to joining Gresham, Laura had been Head of Finance at MLC Wealth and Senior Manager Accounting Policy at NAB.    Laura has extensive financial services experience with roles in Sydney and London and started her career with Ernst & Young.

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b Lauren Magraith

Lauren Magraith

Chief Business Officer & General Counsel

Lauren brings over 20 years of investment banking and corporate markets legal experience to the Gresham Distribution Partners business, having advised both listed and unlisted clients on capital raisings across a broad range of sectors.

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b Katherine Todd

Katherine Todd

Executive Director, Head of ESG, Sydney

Katherine leads Gresham’s ESG capability and brings extensive ESG experience and capabilities to the Gresham Distribution Partners, business including research on leading market trends and input into the ESG assessment of potential underlying Fund Management clients.

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b Georgia Allen

Georgia Allen

Senior Counsel

Georgia joined Gresham’s legal department as Senior Counsel in 2021 and provides legal, compliance and governance oversight of the Gresham Distribution Partners business.

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b Elenna Bai

Elenna Bai

Executive, Analyst

Elenna joined Gresham as an Executive, Analyst in August 2021.

Prior to this, Elenna was an investment banking and credit analyst at BNP Paribas (2018-2021) covering a diverse range of industry exposures.

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b Oksana Dlougatch

Oksana Dlougatch

Manager, Finance & Fund Accounting

Oksana joined Gresham Partners in 2010 and is responsible for the management of daily corporate accounting for the business and also the fund accounting and reporting processes across the various Gresham Funds Management specialist funds.


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b Cheryl Livingston

Cheryl Livingston

Research & Information Specialist

Cheryl joined Gresham Partners in December 2011 and heads up the Gresham Information and Research Centre. Prior to joining Gresham, Cheryl had been a Researcher in Deutsche Bank’s Business Information Services department for over 5 years.



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b Kate Heffernan

Kate Heffernan

Marketing, Events & Communications

Kate joined Gresham in August 2008 as an Executive and is responsible for marketing, events, and communications across the Gresham business, also supporting the Sydney-based Managing Directors of Gresham.


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b Barry Smith

Barry Smith

Associate Director, Information Services

Barry joined Gresham Partners in 2008 as Associate Director and is responsible for leading the strategic development and ongoing information-based services and operations within the Gresham business.


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William Stephens - Managing Director - Head of Gresham Distribution Partners, Sydney

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