1. Distribution services for leading fund managers

Gresham Distribution Partners provides institutional-grade distribution and related capital raising services designed to deliver material growth in our clients’ assets under management. A high-level summary of these services is listed below, each of which provide a necessary foundation to support a leading capital raising campaign:

  • Initial fund thesis and investment strategy ‘deep dive’ and competitive market positioning
  • Fee level market analysis and structuring
  • Capital raising roadshows across targeted investor audiences
  • Strategic engagement with asset consultants for ratings outcomes
  • Ongoing post-investment key client and asset consultant relationship management services
  • Compilation and hosting of thought leading educational investment seminars
  • Build-out of manager brand and strategy profile via physical market interactions and on-line marketing initiatives
  • Funds management investment policy review and/or creation
  • Strategic re-positioning of fund offerings and investment strategies
  • Feeder fund vehicle creation where appropriate for investor aggregation

Gresham Distribution Partners’ range of capital raising services offers expertise across all investment vehicle types favoured by sophisticated investors, including funds, co-investment scenarios, separate account mandates, direct and syndicated investment opportunities.


2. Incubation infrastructure & services for new funds management boutiques

Gresham Distribution Partners is also well positioned to facilitate the incubation of new funds management boutiques via the existing infrastructure and resources of the broader Gresham Funds Management business.  In addition to the services outlined above, this platform can offer new fund management boutiques the following support in order to critically free up time to focus on investment related activities, with new funds established and operated as part of the Gresham Funds Management business:

  • Provider of working capital to support the incubation of new funds management businesses
  • Provider of initial investment capital to provide alignment and support the track record of the new fund vehicle
  • In-house legal counsel
  • In-house finance and accounting
  • AFSL compliance
  • Office accommodation
  • IT support


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