Property Capital Financing

Following the success of its four previous mezzanine/preferred equity property funds, Gresham Property established its 5th fund in 2015, to provide the Australian property market with a “stretch senior” finance product for development and investment opportunities. 

With the 5th fund fully invested, Gresham Property raised an additional $500 million in its 6th fund, which is also focused on “stretch senior” finance.   

Stretch Senior funding is available across all stages of a property development life cycle or investment period.

GPF No. 6

GPF No.6 Fund (“GPF6”) is primarily designed to provide a broad spectrum property debt offering for property developers and investors seeking a credible alternative to major bank funding. GPF6 can provide a single source of capital for developers and investors which traditionally would only be available through a combination of senior plus mezzanine debt. Alternatively, GPF6 can provide senior debt leverage with more flexible terms, such as presale coverage.

GPF6 is not designed to compete with bank financing and where bank financing alone can be achieved, GPF6’s offering would not be competitive.

GPF6 is active Australia wide, focusing on major metropolitan areas and can be used to fund most property asset classes.

From a borrowers’ perspective having a single source of capital for their projects, removes a significant amount of transaction complexity and uncertainty and the requirement to negotiate with both a senior and junior lender, and agree terms of an intercreditor deed.

GPF6 is targeting exposures in the $25m-$125m range.

A selection of investments includes:


Property Type:  Residential
Investment:  Stretch Senior loan
Project Size:  372 apartments
Total project realisations:  $203 million


Property Type: Residential
Investment:  Stretch Senior loan
Project Size:  7 luxury apartments
Total project realisations:  $68 million


Property Type: Residential
Investment:  Stretch Senior loan
Project Size: 59 Townhouse lots, 31 House & Land lots and 39 Land lots
Total project realisations: $153 million


Property Type:  Mixed-use
Investment:  Stretch Senior loan
Project Size: 104 apartments and 900sqm of retail/commercial space
Total project realisations:  $164 million


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